Demolitions in Kibera

RVR operates a total rail network of 1920 kilometers. The main line runs from Mombasa at the coast to Malaba in the west. Typically, the railway line has an exclusive corridor (referred to as a reserve) 60.6 meters wide throughout the network except at station yards and major depots where a larger railway reserve is provided. Despite the requirement to have a railway reserve free for railway operations and safety, parts of the railway reserve have been encroached upon. The railway reserve in both Kibera and Mukuru within the city of Nairobi is particularly encroached by large numbers of people who reside and/or carry out business within it. At several places on the railway reserve, markets have been established on both sides of the railway line. The line is used in these areas as a path for accessing the market stalls and by pedestrians moving to and from the city centre and the industrial area.

In light of the above factors, it is essential that a clear corridor of operation is established in Kibera and Mukuru to improve railway safety and operation. It is therefore proposed, as far as possible, to implement the relocation of people residing, undertaking business, or otherwise occupying the reserve (Project Affected Persons (PAPs)), from the 60-metre railway operation corridor.